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Pomona Lake is known for its fishing opportunities and shady, quiet campgrounds.

Pomona State Park

22900 S. Hwy 368, Vassar, KS  66543
Phone: 785-828-4933

fawn along the trailLocated on the south shore of the 4000-acre Pomona Reservoir, the Pomona State Park is known for its shady campsites and great family atmosphere. Recreation at the state park includes camping, picnicking, fishing, swimming, boating, disc golf, and hiking. Three trails along the south side of the 490-acre park provide 2.4 miles of hiking and biking through a variety of scenic prairie and wooded areas offering views of wildlife, birds and plant species. 

The three hiking and mountain biking trails include the 0.8 mile Buck Brush Trail near the Burning Heart Campground; the 1.1 mile Hedgewood Trail located near the park entrance; and the 0.5 mile Rising Sun Trail located in the AH-KET-Ah day use area. If driving into the park, a state park vehicle permit is required.

GPS Positions:
Pomona State Park: N38 39.580 W95 36.012
Rising Sun Trail: N38 39.118 W95 34.882
Hedgewood at Trailhead: N38 39.158 W95 36.028
Buck Brush at Trailhead: N38 39.374 W95 36.237

Melvern Lake Project, U.S. Corps of Engineers

5260 Pomona Dam Road, Vassar, KS  66543

A variety of recreational opportunities and facilities are available at Pomona Lake, which is known for its fishing opportunities and shady, quiet campgrounds. The lake, situated among rolling hills, mixed grasslands, cropland and forests, offers several hiking and Deer Creek Trail, Pomonabiking trails. 

The Deer Creek Nature Trail is located in the Outlet Park on the south end of the dam. This ¼ mile trail is a relatively easy hike which winds along Deer Creek through a wooded environment. 

The Black Hawk Trail is located in 110 Mile Park on the north shore of Pomona Lake. The 21-mile trail is used as an equestrian trail, as well as for hiking and biking. The park has camping facilities, a group camp with horse corrals, water, toilets fire rings and a large parking lot for trailers. Additional access points are available, as well.

The Witches Broom Nature Trail is located on the west side of 110 Mile Park and winds for ¾ of a mile through a forested area dominated by oak and hickory trees.

All three trails offer visitors the experience of woodland environments and interaction with nature. Visitors have the opportunity to see many species of woodland plants, birds and wildlife that inhabit the area.

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Corp of Engineers Pomona Lake Map

Map of Melvern Lake Trails

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State and federal parks both offer trails to visitors at Pomona Lake.

Pomona Lake trails include:

Stop by the Corps of Engineers Visitor’s Center and the Pomona State Park office for lake information and exhibits.

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